Floor Plans and Amenities

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Unit Type D
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We have 4 floor plans in our communities.  Three of the plans are one-bedroom and one is a studio suite.  All of the one-bedroom units can accommodate a couple.  The units are unfurnished as we like to encourage residents to decorate as they like with items that will make their apartment as homey as possible.  We never tell potential residents this will be “just like their home.”  We tell residents this will hopefully be the next best place!


The following services are available from Argent Court:

Well-trained, confident personnel available to assist residents 24 hours a day.

All staff undergo 4 hours of orientation and 16 hours of on-the-job training before being allowed to work independently with residents. In addition, all staff receive 12 hours of annual training. Criminal histories and drug screens are routinely performed on all staff prior to hire.

Emergency Call System

Each apartment is equipped with an emergency call system that is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Three delicious, nutritious, and exceptionally prepared meals, served in a gracious dining room.

Menus are developed with the help of a registered dietitian. An alternate menu is available. Meals are served restaurant style.

Private dining room for special dinners and private celebrations.

A private dining room is available where residents can host their own personal celebrations.

Personal Amenities

Free access to local cable service and free local telephone line

Some communities are wired for basic cable service and some are wired for satellite service. Premium channels are available for an additional cost to the resident. Some communities are equipped with wireless internet service. Local telephone service is provided at no additional cost to the resident. The phones also serve as an intercom system in each room. The phone system keeps residents from receiving unwanted solicitation.

A mini-kitchen with refrigerator and microwave.

Each resident’s apartment has a mini-kitchen so offering refreshments to visitors is no problem. Once again, home can be where the heart (and even the party) is.

Housekeeping and Laundry Service

Each apartment is cleaned on a weekly basis. All laundry is done on a weekly basis complete with linen change.

Beauty shop

A licensed beautician is available to provide haircuts, perms and in some cases manicures. This service is provided for a nominal fee to residents.

Assistance with medications

Residents are assisted with medications in the privacy of their apartments in an effort to maintain dignity, individuality and freedom.

Social activities

Residents are encouraged to be as involved and active as they like. We allow small pets to become part of our community giving residents further normalcy in their lives.  We like to engage residents in “meaningful” activities that also benefit the outside community.