Frequently Asked Questions

Does Medicare pay for assisted living?

No Medicare pays only for restorative care. Restorative care would be a treatment such as physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, etc. Medicaid does pay for assisted living in some communities but not Argent Court. We are a private pay facility.

Do you accept pets?

Yes, we do accept “small pets” provided the resident is able to care for them. In addition, a family member or significant other should be available in the event of an emergency to care for the pet. An agreement and a deposit is required upon admission.

Can someone move in on a trial basis?

Since we do not have a long term contract, a person can move in and stay for as little as 1 month. We also have respite care available for people wishing to leave their parents for a vacation. Respite care is also available if someone needs to re-cooperate from a medical procedure and does not require skilled nursing care.

Do you provide care for people with dementia or alzheimers?

Yes, but it all depends on the severity of the disease. Since we do not have locked units, we cannot accommodate folks that are a risk for wandering.

Are there any long term contracts?

No, we do not have long term contracts. We have month-to-month admission agreements. We do ask that folks give 30 days written notice in the event they plan to move out.

Do you provide transportation to doctor appointments?

We have scheduled transportation which means we have designated days for doctor appointments. We transport residents to local physician appointments. We drop them off at their doctor’s office and return to pick them up. If a person needs a chaperone, this can be arranged for an additional fee.

Can residents bring their own cars?

Yes, folks can bring their own vehicles. Most residents choose not to drive any longer because we provide transportation.

When can residents have visitors?

We do not have any set visiting schedule and in fact, residents can have over night guests. We ask that residents register their guests so we can have an accurate assessment of who is in the building in the event of an emergency.

Can residents keep their same doctors?

All residents have the ability to choose their own physicians. We ask that they choose a local physician, especially if we are providing transportation. We can arrange transportation to physicians in surrounding communities for an additional charge.

Are residents allowed to leave the facility for day trips or overnight stays?

Residents are able to come and go at will. We ask that they sign in and out at the entrance so we can be aware who is in the building at all times. Residents with long term insurance need to be aware that some long term insurance carriers deduct for any days a resident spends away from the facility.

Do you accept couples?

Argent Court has several couples. We have certain apartments that will accommodate couples. There is a second person charge and each individual is screened for acceptance individually. Each resident will have an individual service plan developed for specifically for them.

Do you allow wheelchairs and/or electric carts?

All residents must be able to self-propel in their wheelchairs and manage their immediate environment. We do allow electric carts and charge a non-refundable deposit because of the excessive wear and tear they can cause.

Do you provide assistance with medication?

Yes, this means we will assist residents in getting the proper dosage at the proper time, according to your physician’s instructions. We will also assist residents by ordering medications from a licensed pharmacy. All supervised medications in pill form must be blister-packed and obtained from a pharmacy that delivers 24 hours a day and on an emergency basis.