COVID-19 Response

A Message from Our Vice President of Operations

Dear Valued Family Members and Friends,

In these times of uncertainty, I want you to know that the safety and health of our residents and staff is my top priority. I also want to express my sincere appreciation to you for your support of and our adherence to local and state health official recommendations as well as CDC guidelines. Below please find information regarding safety measures we have implemented in response to COVID-19 for the safety and benefit of our residents, staff and family members.

I want to assure you that Argent Court Assisted Living remains steadfast in its commitment to ensuring the safety of our residents and our unyielding commitment to providing quality care. We will continue to provide ongoing staff training and make adjustments as required to our policies and procedures as recommended by health officials and CDC guidelines.


Texas Essential Caregiver Policy takes effect immediately.

Texas Essential Caregiver Policy
Required steps to complete before becoming an essential visitor.

  1. Complete the online courses that will train you on the required precautions for an essential caregiver.
    CDC Symptoms of Coronavirus and Testing What You Need to Know
    CDC Coronavirus Handwashing Fact Sheet
    Demonstration of Donning (Putting On) of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    Demonstration of How to Safely Take Off Personal Protective Equipment
  2. Receive a Covid-19 Test by your physician or any local provider. A negative test result is required in the last 14 days for this initial visit. Please email the results to the community or bring it with you when you come for your visit.
  3. Scheduling visits: All visits must be scheduled in advance. Click this link to schedule an essential caregiver visit.
  4. When arriving on-site, you will be asked to sign a policy acknowledgment form stating that you will adhere to the items you have been trained on.
  5. Continue to wear your mask and practice good handwashing techniques during your entire visit while you are in the community.



Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to questions that we’re being asked frequently.
What is the current visitation policy?

No Non-Essential Visitors are still in effect, so please refrain from coming to visit. Only Argent Court personnel and essential health care professionals are allowed entry. Entry will only be permitted after all precautionary measures have been taken.

How can I stay connected to my loved one?

We encourage regular communication with your loved one utilizing technology (i.e., phone, FaceTime, Skype) and are happy to assist any way we can.

Is Argent Court accepting new move-ins?

Yes. We were created to meet the needs of the elderly and will continue to do so during this time. New residents will go through the same procedures and screenings that our current residents do to enter the Argent Court. As an added layer of protection, new residents will remain in their apartments for a minimum of 5 days.

Is Argent Court hiring?

Yes. Applications are being received and responded to, virtual (or off-site) interviews are being conducted.

Does Argent Court have the staff to care for my loved one?

Yes, but this is an ever-evolving challenge. We are creative in anticipating the needs of things like school closings, daycare, personal family constraints. We know that as an organization, we have to meet our employee’s needs so that they will be able to meet our Resident’s needs. We are proud of how our staff is rising to the challenge.

Is my loved one safe?

Yes. Flu and other infectious diseases have always created a significant risk for the elderly. Because of this, we are prepared and equipped to meet this challenge. As an example, Argent Courts flu rates are far below the national average. This year we only had one resident test positive for the Flu company-wide.

Are Residents allowed to leave?

All residents are strongly discouraged from leaving unless there is a “critical” need if a need arises please discuss with your Administrator, due to the high risk of exposure. However, if a resident chooses to leave, they will be screened before returning into the building. If the Resident fails or refuses this screening, they will be quarantined upon return for a minimum of 14 days, and their primary physician will be notified immediately. You are also being asked to wear a mask when you are leaving one of our locations for medical appointments (if virtual visits are not allowed) or for any other essential reasons. While you are out, you may be exposed to someone in the community with Covid-19. The cloth mask will not offer you full protection from the virus; only social distancing and proper handwashing will offer that. The mask may provide some benefit, but equally important, it will help prohibit you from spreading any virus you may have come in contact with once you return to the building.

What if COVID-19 is reported in Argent Court?

If there is a case of COVID-19 in one of our locations, we will notify the family and residents of the occurrence. We will follow CDC guidelines and have personal protective equipment available for use. The Resident will be quarantined for a minimum of 14 days, and we will follow the instruction and guidance of their primary physician.

What is Argent Court doing to help prevent (employees) from bringing in the virus?

All employees and essential health care professionals are being screened each day before starting their shift. We also educate our employees and request that they follow CDC guidelines on how to avoid exposure to COVID-19 while not at work. All employees have been actively discouraged from going anywhere that is not essential during their off-hours to help minimize their exposure.

How is Argent Court monitoring residents for signs of COVID-19?

Our Residents are being monitored daily, and the staff is to report any symptoms to the Nurse immediately for further guidance.

Can medical health care professionals visit residents?

Only essential health care professionals will be allowed entry. All professionals must meet our stringent infection control requirements, including our screening process.

Are routine medical appointments going to continue?

The RSC will coordinate with the Resident and provider, to determine if the visit is essential or can be temporarily delayed and rescheduled if virtual visits are not being offered.

Can I still bring supplies and care packages to my loved one?

Yes, please notify the Administrator or RSC of your intention to deliver a package. Packages are to be delivered to the front door and are to be clearly labeled with the Resident’s name. Each package (and its contents) will be sanitized due to the potential for COVID-19 contamination.

If I am currently setting up medications for my loved one, do I continue to do so?

Yes. Deliver the pillbox to the front door and appropriately notify us. The pillbox will be sanitized and delivered. Please contact the Administrator or RSC if you would like help with the medications during this time.

Does Argent Court have the supplies to support my loved one’s needs during this time?

Yes. Argent Court has longstanding relationships with a multitude of vendors to continue to meet the needs of our residents. We have procedures in place to ensure the continued supply and delivery of all essential items, including food, medical equipment, incontinence products.

Is Argent Court using a chemical disinfectant that will kill COVID-19?

Yes. Argent Court has been using chemical disinfectants in our locations, that kills all viruses and bacteria. This chemical is 100% effective. We do not use bleach, as you might in your own home, due to its caustic nature.

Who will provide services to my loved one that I was previously providing?

Any services that you were previously providing your loved one coordinate with the Administrator or RSC to ensure the continuation of those services.

Are Chaplains still visiting?

No. Chaplains are still available to connect with residents and families virtually. Please reach out to the Administrator or RSC if you have questions on how to establish this connection.

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