5 Excellent Benefits Of Choosing Assisted Living

What Is Assisted Living?
Assisted living is a type of residential senior care in which residents have a private apartment or room. They will typically also have access to living and dining spaces shared with fellow residents. Assisted living is designed for seniors who are still relatively independent but need some support with activities of daily living (ADLs).

What Are The Main Benefits of Assisted Living?

Moving your parent or close family member to assisted living might be a difficult decision to consider. Take comfort in knowing that while you’re not alone in this feeling, finding the right community to meet your loved one’s needs will allow them to live with the freedom, safety, and support they deserve. Senior living can also serve as an excellent support network for family caregivers. With the following five great benefits (and more), your loved one can continue to thrive in retirement as they always intended!

  1. Opportunities to Socialize

Reduced social interaction is a common challenge faced by seniors in retirement. Changed circumstances, grief, and practical issues like reduced mobility and lack of transportation can prevent seniors from attending social events and meeting others as they once could. In an assisted living community, seniors can constantly connect with caregivers and neighbors. Mealtimes are typically lively and community-driven, and inviting living spaces are available for socializing in the evenings or throughout the day. Moreover, many senior care communities host various events, groups, and activities for residents to enjoy on-site with caregivers’ support. These activities offer the twofold benefits of encouraging senior residents to continue their beloved hobbies (or discover something new) while also allowing them to meet friends with whom they share a common interest.

2. Say Goodbye to Home Maintenance

Often, one of the most attractive benefits of senior living is freedom from home maintenance which can become much more time-consuming and challenging with age. This newfound freedom allows assisted living residents to enjoy hobbies, socialize with friends, and relax.

In senior living, residents need no longer worry about repairs or maintenance because their home community is kept in good working order. Most aged care communities also have daily or weekly housekeeping and laundry services so that residents can enjoy a clean and safe environment with absolute ease (these may be offered to all residents within an overall fee or as an optional add-on).

3. Financial Benefits

While assisted living is often branded as a more expensive senior care option, this isn’t always true. In senior living, residents are typically provided with three meals and snacks each day, eliminating the need to spend their own money on groceries. Vital utilities like electricity, water, Wi-Fi, and cable are also often included within overall fees, slashing the cost of living even further. This means residents have far fewer bills to keep track of – another win for those who struggle to keep tabs on outgoings, bills, and debts.

Assisted living care can also prevent seniors from falling victim to scams that prey on the elderly and vulnerable. Round-the-clock care and supervision may make it easier for caregivers to identify potential fraud promptly and take appropriate action to prevent future incidents. Assisted living senior care becomes a much more financially appealing option when these essential benefits are considered.

4. Improved Quality of Life

In combination, these varied benefits of senior living contribute to an overall improvement in quality of life. Free from the burden and physical challenges that can come with home maintenance, housekeeping, food preparation, and errands, seniors can spend each day of their retirement as they wish.

Many senior care facilities offer a range of excellent on-site activities that help residents feel energized, fulfilled, and enthusiastic each day. Assisted living communities aim to empower seniors by delivering a highly personalized care plan. This plan should offer the right support to facilitate independence while maximizing safety and comfort.

5. Family Caregiver Support

As seniors age, it often becomes difficult for families to manage their care alone. While adult children or relatives sometimes feel guilty or upset about this, it’s common (and not a sign of failure). As a senior’s health and mobility needs progress, family caregivers should never be expected to keep up with care demands indefinitely. With assisted living support, your loved one can receive attentive care from professional caregivers with the right skills to meet complex and varied needs.

In the meantime, you will be granted precious time to attend to other commitments like children, work, and relationships. Importantly, you will be free to enjoy quality time with your senior loved one, unburdened by the demands of providing care. In this sense, the right senior living community can be a blessing for the whole family.

If you’re interested in finding out whether assisted living is the right choice for yourself or a senior loved one during retirement, give us a call today to arrange a guided tour.