I do talks about how you know when you need help or an assisted living placement.  AARP recently came out with an article that pretty well describes some things to look for.   They listed 5 things:

1.   Fall hazard – a person is falling a lot

2.  Unfinished business – they have a lot of unpaid bills and mail piling up.

3.  Car accidents and tickets – they have some unexplained “dings” on their car or tickets.

4.  Isolation – they are isolating themselves.

5.  Change in appearance – do they appear disheveled?  Are they bathing regularly?

I would add that you really need to keep in close contact to make sure your loved one is not being taken advantage of.  I recently visited my aunt who in the course of our one hour visit probably asked me 20 times if I would like some coffee.  While we were there, she saw the mailman deliver a few parcels.  She brought them in and opened them.  What she had received were two packages from Publishers Clearing House.  One was a blanket/throw that you could probably pick up at Walmart for about five dollars.  It had an invoice inside that said it was $49.95.  The next box was a set of dusters that was about the same price.  The point was she couldn’t remember ordering and kept saying she didn’t know how they got her information to send to her.   If anyone is ready for assisted living or at least closer monitoring she is.  Her dementia is really bad and I fear she could be ripe for someone to take advantage.  I spoke with her about moving and she wouldn’t hear of it.  I did contact her family and let them know my fears.

Over the years, I’ve heard numerous stories about people being taken advantage of.  I’ve often said there is a special place in Hell for people who would do something like that.  I feel like if we see something like the above, we have an obligation to report to someone.  If you see that your loved one might possibly need assisted living or some other type of care, give us a call.  We’re here to help.