I was talking with a resident the other day and I asked her what an average day looks like for her.  She started by telling me she does not like to get up early so she gets up when she feels like it and takes her time dallying around.  She likes to piddle by putting on her makeup, having her coffee and leisurely getting dressed.  She related to me that she rarely if ever goes to the dining room for breakfast, preferring to eat alone in her apartment.

She usually emerges from her room about lunch time unless she has a doctor’s appointment.  She really enjoys her table mates who she regularly looks forward to visiting with and catching up on the stories of the day.  She sits in the back of the dining room so she has a birds eye view of all the happenings going on.

After lunch, she checks her mail and then goes to her apartment for a little rest.  After she has rested, she comes to the activity room for a game of 42 or Skipbo.  Sometimes they even play for quarters!  She regularly participates in the activities of the day especially word search or other activities that exercise her brain.

She has regular visits from family and friends in the community to which she has lived all her life.  She especially loves it when her grandchildren visit.

In the evening after dinner, she sometimes enjoys a beer or two in her apartment especially if there is a Spurs game on.  She is an avid sports fan but she especially loves the Spurs.  In fact, a Spurs wreath adorns the door to her apartment as well as a rhinestone Spurs pin that she wears religiously.  If it is upside down, you know they lost the night before.

She told me that some evenings when the weather is nice, she enjoys sitting in the courtyard drinking a glass of wine with her friends and visiting about life in general.  They regularly reminisce about times gone by as a lot of the residents have been friends for up to 60 years or more having grown up in the same town.

She told me she loves living at Argent Court.  She related that the biggest reason she moved to Argent Court is she was afraid to live alone any longer.  She says it gives her such peace of mind knowing there is always someone there if she needs something.  She also said, it gives her family peace of mind as well.  She said overall she is very happy and really glad she made the choice to move to Argent Court when she did.

If you know someone who no longer wants to live alone, enjoys the company of others, give us a call.  We would love to show them around and introduce them to some new friends.