If you’re looking for the perfect assisted living community for yourself or a loved one during retirement, you’re likely already aware of the critical benefits senior living can provide. 

An excellent senior care facility can expand social opportunities and improve quality of life with expert care, daily meals, various activities, and services like housekeeping and laundry. 

But the benefits of finding the right assisted living community can stretch much further than this. Here are seven lesser-known advantages of moving to a senior living community.

    • Facilitates Independence

The right senior living community will leave seniors feeling more – not less – independent. Practical features like accessible shower designs, grab bars, elevators, and ground floor accommodation can leave seniors much better able to move around and complete activities of daily living independently. Where support is required, professional caregivers strive to provide the proper assistance to help seniors carry out tasks with dignity and as much autonomy as possible. With a personalized care plan, assisted living communities can provide tailored care that meets each resident’s unique needs while respecting their cherished routines and wishes. Some senior care communities also offer transportation services to help residents quickly reach essential appointments or social commitments.

    • Improved Nutritional Health 

Having freshly prepared meals and snacks served daily offers much more than convenience and cost-effectiveness. Meal choices are delicious and comforting while helping seniors meet their dietary requirements to stay as healthy as possible. An assisted living community can adapt menus to incorporate resident favorites, too! Menus in assisted living communities are often overseen by a dietician and cater to the specific needs of individual residents and seniors.

    • Access to Cutting-Edge Technologies

New technologies can support seniors by improving care, boosting safety, keeping residents connected to friends and family, and offering exciting new opportunities to engage in a plethora of hobbies and activities. Assisted living caregivers support residents in making positive use of a range of technologies. These technologies include those aimed specifically at seniors, as well as streaming and entertainment services and social networks. When used correctly, technology can play an instrumental role in expanding social connections and enhancing quality of life for seniors.

    • Affordability

While moving to senior living can be financially daunting, it is often one of the more affordable types of senior care. Assisted living typically includes around-the-clock supervision, meals and snacks, social and recreational activities and potentially additional therapies, transportation, laundry, and housekeeping. Residents can inquire about what is provided and what the resident or family caregiver can do. Services included in the monthly fee vary from community to community. For example, while home health may be slightly cheaper, seniors and families must still cover the costs of everything from socializing and public transportation to home maintenance and groceries. Moreover, many assisted living communities offer tailored pricing based on the exact level of care each resident requires, meaning seniors are not asked to pay for services they do not need.

    • Activities From The Comfort of Home 

Many assisted living facilities offer a great range of accessible social activities, amenities, and therapies for residents to enjoy from the comfort of their own home. Activities may include educational classes like arts and crafts, learning a new language or lectures, mind and body activities like dancing, aerobics, and mindfulness, or special social events like karaoke, card games, or bingo nights. Some senior living communities also host field trips for residents. Having a range of activities to choose from promotes independence and can support physical health, increase mental stimulation and reduce feelings of isolation. When visiting an assisted living community, ask about the range of groups, classes, and social events they offer.

    • Convenient On-Site Amenities

Assisted living facilities may have on-site amenities for residents to benefit from. For example, some senior care communities have an on-site beauty salon, shop, or spa, whereas others might have dedicated spaces and equipment for physical or occupational therapy sessions. With the proper on-site facilities and amenities, seniors can live independently and enjoy the freedom they deserve within the safety and security of their assisted living community.

    • Support for Families

Moving to senior care can take a toll on a senior and their family. Seeing a loved one struggle with issues like reduced mobility or chronic health conditions is never easy. When your loved one moves to assisted living, you will have the opportunity to meet other families facing similar issues and professional caregivers who can offer the support, advice, or listening ear you need. The right senior living community can become a vital support network for seniors and their family caregivers, adult children, and other close relatives.

Finding the perfect senior living community with the right services, facilities, and amenities to meet your or your loved one’s needs is vital. When making this decision, nothing compares to taking in-person tours of the options on your shortlist. To arrange a visit to tour Argent Court, give us a call today. We look forward to meeting you!