It’s that time – you’re excited about the next chapter of your life and looking into a retirement community! If you’re a senior or a family member searching for a loved one, congratulations on taking this first exciting step! You’re headed in the right direction – and there is much fun to come!

But at Argent Court, we understand there are probably several happenings and life stages that have motivated you to begin this “next step” journey. And you’ve thought about it – Boy, have you thought about it. You’ve gone back and forth on the plusses and minuses until that confusing train of thought left the station many, many times.

Maybe you have spurts of rebellion about it. There’s no good reason to act your age, anyway, darn it! But then, the ache in your knees reminds you otherwise (and back, and feet, and, oh…this is new for today…your neck!).

Maybe you’re looking into a retirement community for your parents or other loved ones. No matter your reasons, here you are. And, all joking aside, this may be a welcomed decision or one that comes with a flood of emotion.

And do you want to know something you don’t usually hear? All of this is completely ok. Everything you’re feeling- at this moment, in previous moments, and the many moments to come – is entirely normal. Many of our residents felt the exact same way you’re feeling right now, but they soon found that all their research led them to an exciting, active lifestyle here at Argent Court. So, we understand – feel what you need to…let it out, and don’t apologize!

And then…get excited! There is nothing more relaxing and inclusive than a beautiful retirement community – and Argent Court is waiting just for you! If you’ve ever been to an all-inclusive resort, it can be a bit like that in some ways. By that, I mean—most things are included in one (monthly) fee, and there are activities galore to pique your interest and keep you entertained.

So, what are the top perks that come with this major life adjustment? Here are the top three benefits of living in a “perfect-for-you” retirement home:

1. No Maintenance Means More Time for the Things You Enjoy


If you’re 55 and older, rest assured that these days assisted living is not a nursing home. Actually, quite the contrary, an over 55 community has a completely different meaning! The entire landscape of retirement communities has changed in recent years. Seniors these days are looking to stay active, in both mind and body. But you’re retired! So, you don’t want to stay active by maintaining your yard and doing tiring home maintenance. Leave that to the professionals! And that’s precisely what you’ll do at our retirement community. There will be no ladders to climb, no drains to clean out, and no yard to mow. It’s all included!

Want your cooking and cleaning days behind you as well? Good, because that’s included too. Gourmet meals prepared by expert chefs means that nutritionally balanced (and delicious) meals are also part of the package. Sound good so far?

2. Making Friends with Similar Interests is Something You Can Bank On


In an over 55 community, not only will you make more friends, but by default, you’ll naturally find other fun-loving individuals with interests that mirror your own. In an age of cell phone addiction and “text over calling,” do you really want to live the isolated life increasingly more seniors are living? No thank you! Instead, being a part of something bigger than yourself is the epitome of a retirement community. It’s all built-in!

Keeping busy has never been so much fun. You can join in on exercise classes, play exciting games, and even watch movies together. You can yoga like a pretzel or nama[stay] in bed for that class…your choice!

Are you worried about leaving your home church? Rest assured that you won’t be left spiritually stranded. There are bible studies, morning devotionals, and Sunday worship services too.

And if that’s not enough, there are field trips for activities you’d probably do anyway! But now, you’ll do them with newfound friends. You can finally “stop and smell the roses” or take a road trip to see the pretty wildflowers in bloom. Ooh-la-la.

3. Nearby Amenities Make Daily Living a Cinch


And of course, we saved the best for last! One incredible thing about moving to assisted living is that all your needs are accounted for in a retirement community. Whether it be medical needs, an emergency call system to turn to, private dining for your special celebrations, or getting your hair done by a great licensed beautician, we’ve got you covered at every turn! Our amenities are “made to order” and readily available to help you live your best life!

At Argent Court, we understand that moving to assisted living is a big step for everyone; those moving and family members alike. However, you may find that a retirement community is nothing like you thought it might be – it’s actually so much more! We know you’ll feel right at home and start making lasting memories from the moment you arrive!

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