There are many challenges you may experience when caring for aging parents long-distance and several areas of support they may need that they trust you to provide. However, when you live an extended distance from your parents or loved one and they need some additional support with daily life that you cannot provide, it is time to consider their long-term care. Particularly when it comes to selecting the best assisted living community that can meet either their current or future needs.

Although searching online for assisted living in Texas is different than visiting senior living communities in person, it does provide a great way to offer support for your loved one while managing your life at home as well. Here are our top five tips to helping your parents from a distance.

Conduct Online Research

Conducting online research is a great way to help your loved one prepare for their long-term care needs. Being prepared helps to reduce the stress and worry you may have about your loved one that can accompany caregiving from a distance.

To make researching easier and provide the support they need, it’s important to speak with your parents about what’s important to them and where they would like to live. In addition to quality care, what do they consider important to have provided to them every day? What services would they like to have provided? What type of care do they believe they will need? During your conversation, ask questions that will help give you an understanding of what really matters to them when considering a retirement community including one that will be able to meet their medical needs.

Although speaking with our parents about aging and their care needs is not always an easy conversation to have, it helps to ensure their wishes are met when the time comes. Communicating in advance about what matters to them and what they value, is especially important to ensure you’re able to provide the support they need or will need when you live in another city or state.

Here are a few tips to considering when conducting an online search of senior living communities:

  • Schedule a video call with your parents and together conduct an online search on “assisted living communities near me” to gather information about the care options available in their area.
  • From the search results, review each community’s website and discuss what they have to offer and as well as what is important to your parents. During this discussion, create a list of their top choices in order to compare services, amenities, location and pricing.
  • Call or schedule a tour of their top choices. Today, many communities offer virtual tours that you can participate in to support your loved one and ensure important questions are answered.

Understand the Costs

It’s important to understand costs associated with the care your loved ones need or will need in the future. Understanding the costs of care is important when you’re helping your loved one’s plan. Take note of what is offered in inclusive pricing and what additional fees are charged based on changing care needs. Each community may offer different services as well as amenities that can affect the monthly fee, so it’s important to ask.

In addition to knowing the costs of care, it is also important to consider how your loved one will pay for their care when needed. Ask your parents if they have long term are insurance and understand what the policy does and does not cover. Many assisted living communities are private pay, but long-term care insurance is also accepted and will help to mitigate the cost.

Speak with the Experts

When making important decisions your loved one’s care, speaking with trusted advisers who are experts in their fields is another great way to prepare. Advisers can answer your parents’ questions, address your concerns, and guide you as to the best steps to consider. Advisers like your loved one’s doctors, lawyers, and financial planners, can really help when you have unanswered questions about their needs and want to learn how to ensure they are well cared for. Speaking with these trusted professionals can help you support your parents and make the best decisions possible.

Stay Connected

Technology allows us to stay connected to our loved ones who live close as well as who live far away. From telephone conversations and text messages to Facebook and Zoom calls, there are so many ways we can stay connected to those we love. When you live in another city or state, using technology like live video calls, allows you to stay connected and maintain communication with your parents.

When your parents move into their assisted living home, you can also talk to the care staff and see if they will help them use video conferencing or their preferred app to stay connected. Today’s technology provides so many ways to care for your aging loved one from a distance as you keep an eye on the care they’re receiving with ease while maintaining their privacy.

Be Patient

It’s important to keep in mind that although helping an aging parent from a distance is not an easy task, you are well on your way with these tips! Keep in mind how valuable your support and assistance is when and if your parents or loved one needs it. Make sure to have the necessary conversations with your loved ones in advance, work with them to conduct research and tour communities in their area, understand what costs are covered and speak with trusted advisers who will provide additional guidance you and your parents may need.

At Argent Court we are always here to help you and your loved ones. For more information on how we can help your loved one, contact us today!