The thought of moving out of their own home and into an assisted living community can be an overwhelming thought for many senior adults who worry about whether or not their independence will be compromised. However, the reality of life in a community like Argent Court could not be further from this. With four communities throughout Texas, we tailor care to your needs, providing the perfect balance of support and independence.

When researching an assisted living community, it’s natural to think about what life would be like day to day living in a community. Let’s explore what a typical day in an assisted living community like Argent Court may look like for you!


In an assisted living community, your day begins like it would in your own home. Upon waking, if you’re able to take care of your morning activities of daily living (ADLs) like showering, taking medication and dressing, your mornings can be completely your own. If you need a little assistance with your morning routine, we will wake you up at your requested time and our caregivers will be there to give you a helping hand, setting you up for a great day.

Whether you require a little more support in the morning or if you are able to get ready on your own, we’re here when and if you need us. Once you’re ready, you may choose to eat breakfast in your apartment, or you could head to the dining room to enjoy a healthy, fresh breakfast with friends.

After breakfast, you might wish to take part in the many activities we offer. From a range of physical, cultural, social, and spiritual pursuits, we offer myriad programs each day which allow you to say as busy and engaged as you wish to be.


In the afternoon, we offer continual on-site social programs that support the physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs of our residents. From our house socials and movies to chili cookoffs, chair yoga, devotionals and so much more, residents can be as busy as they’d like to be!

Within a busy afternoon of activities and socialization, our residents are treated to a delicious lunch freshly prepared by our Chefs. If a trip away from the community is needed or requested, we offer transportation to stores, the nail spa and medical appointments to name a few.


In the evening, our residents enjoy another delicious Chef prepared meal. Our meals are prepared according to the nutritional needs of our residents, with alternatives available to cater to dietary requirements residents may have, all while remaining equally tasty!

After dinner, our residents like to socialize with coffee and card or board games or retreat to their apartments to catch up on the day with family and friends.

Our resident’s bedtime schedule is their own and our professional caregivers are available to assist residents with evening routines like bathing or dressing if they require assistance.

Our residents and their families rest assured knowing a call button is close by in case of emergencies, or if residents also need assistance during the night. Additionally, residents rest soundly knowing the community is safe, secure and that there are caregivers on hand to help 24/7.

There are many benefits to living in an assisted living community in Texas like Argent Court including:

Ample social activities. Our residents have access to a great number of opportunities which promote socialization allowing for shared interests and the discovery of new ones. With regular organized social activities to suit varying interests, and plenty of opportunity for a great discussion over breakfast, lunch or dinner, residents need not worry about feeling lonely or bored. Most seniors find they quickly form strong new friendships with both staff and neighbors. Residents can also enjoy solitude and quiet time reading a book, in spiritual devotion or whatever suits them.

No maintenance lifestyle. As we get older, tasks like cooking, cleaning, household maintenance, grocery shopping and paying bills, as well as personal care can become more challenging. Living in an assisted living community provides senior adults with the additional support they may need while honoring the independence they desire. Our community provides cleaning and laundry services, and fresh, deliciously prepared meals are served three times a day.

Independence honored. We understand and respect that remaining autonomous is important to every resident. Our highly trained, professional caregivers are here to offer dignified, personal, holistic care and provide a helping hand when needed. Our goal is to make life easier and keep residents safe, but how they choose to spend their days will always be up to them.

We understand that moving out of your own home and into an assisted living community can feel daunting, just like anything unfamiliar, but we’re here to help.

For more information on what life at Argent Court could look like for you or your loved one, contact us today! We look forward to welcoming you into our community!