For decades, senior family members devote themselves to supporting their children as they grow, build careers and have families of their own. With their endless encouragement and valuable wisdom, they lift us up when we fall into hardship. When the time comes for senior relatives to be given care themselves, they deserve to be prioritized in the same way.

This festive time of year is all about celebrating the value of family, offering us the perfect chance to show appreciation for the sacrifices and efforts of senior relatives. Let’s take a look at just a few ways we can give back to the beloved seniors in our lives during the holiday season.

Spend Precious Time Together

The holidays can be a busy time for families, but it’s important we don’t forget the aging seniors in our lives. While gifts, parties and festivities are a lot of fun, nothing quite compares to the feeling of spending simple quality time with the ones we hold dearest.

If you have an aging loved one who lives close by, either in their own home or assisted living in Texas, be sure to carve some time out of your festive calendar to pay them a visit. Here are just a few ideas you can use to get into the festive spirit together!

  1. Dig out old photo albums and reminisce. The holidays can serve as a stark reminder of loved ones we’ve lost over the years. Seniors, who have likely dealt with the loss of parents, spouses, siblings or close friends often feel this acutely. Sitting together and reliving good times can be a great way to help seniors cherish fond memories of loved ones departed with a smile.
  2. Plan a holiday-themed activity to enjoy with them. Does your relative love to bake, or maybe they’ve always had an artistic streak? Regardless of whether you’re baking delicious holiday cookies or pies, crafting homemade Christmas decorations or simply watching a movie, being by their side is what truly matters.
  3. Take them out on a trip. As seniors age, getting out and about can start to feel much more daunting. If you can take them on a day trip from their home or assisted living facility, a change of scenery will likely be much appreciated. Something as simple as a stroll around the mall or your local Christmas market to buy holiday treats can be a lot of fun! If your loved one has reduced mobility or feels uneasy in crowds, taking a drive to see Christmas decoration displays in their area could be a great alternative.
  4. Gift them something thoughtful. Seniors often don’t receive many festive gifts, and gifting something thoughtful needn’t be extravagant. In fact, oftentimes, the little things go a long way. Homemade gifts like scrapbooks, gift baskets or a tray of their favorite home-baked goods are always great ideas, for example.
  5. Bring the family to see them. As seniors age, the prospect of seeing fewer people over the festive period can be difficult. Many seniors love spending time with children, so why not bring your children or grandchildren along to visit them? If your loved one lives in an assisted living facility in Texas, be sure to familiarize yourself with their COVID-19 visitation rules first!

Get Creative if you Can’t Visit in Person

With ever-changing COVID-19 restrictions, it might not be possible to personally visit your aging loved one during the holidays. This is especially likely if they live in an assisted living setting, where restrictions may be tighter to protect the health of residents. Factors like distance, time and cost could also make in-person visitation unfeasible.

If you’re not able to visit your loved one over the holidays, video calling technology is your best friend. The seniors of 2021 are more tech savvy than any generation before them, so use this to your advantage (or give them a few lessons!) Recording a video message from the whole family could also be a nice touch, and one that will offer them a constant reminder of how loved they truly are.

Give Them the Gift of Quality Care

One of the best things you can do for a senior family member as we head towards the New Year is to consider how their needs can be best met in 2022. Perhaps your loved one could do with some additional safety provisions in the home, or more regular visits from caregivers. If they’re struggling with activities of daily living, or if you’re finding it difficult to cope in your role as a family caregiver, it might even be time to consider assisted living.

The move to assisted living can be a daunting and emotional prospect for both seniors and family caregivers, but it often serves as a perfect all-round solution. With the compassionate, 24/7 care and rich social life they deserve, seniors in assisted living feel well supported, while family caregivers are given the peace of mind they truly deserve.

We Wish you a Happy Holiday!

When a senior loved one has reduced mobility, cognitive and emotional needs, or lives some distance away, making preparations to include them in festivities can feel overwhelming. Rest assured that your plans needn’t be elaborate or expensive to be effective – showing you care in the simplest ways will likely mean a lot to your loved one.

While making holiday plans with your senior relative and extended family, be sure to care for your own needs, too. Being a family caregiver in 2021 has been challenging in many ways, and you deserve to give yourself credit for your efforts. Schedule time to relax and recharge, and we at Argent Court, hope you have a wonderful holiday surrounded by friends, family and festivity!