What would your perfect holiday celebration look like? Perhaps you revel in energetic parties and social events bustling with friends and family. Or maybe you prefer a more low-key affair, complete with cozy evenings clutching hot cocoa in front of a crackling fire or classic movie. Whatever your ideal picture of the holidays looks like, assisted living can help you make it a reality.

The final months of the year are the perfect time for seniors and family caregivers to tour assisted living communities on their shortlists. During the holidays, the true social spirit of senior care becomes more apparent than ever. Packed with festive activities and visits from family, caregivers, and friends, Argent Court’s holiday season is a true hive of activity.

What is Daily Life in Assisted Living Like?

In an assisted living community like Argent Court, seniors generally reside in a private apartment within a community, offering extra support and convenient amenities. Much like independent living, assisted living allows residents to enjoy their freedom and independence. However, assisted living residents can also receive tailored activities of daily living (ADL) support. Offering communal mealtimes and a schedule of activities, assisted living communities present daily social opportunities that help seniors feel fulfilled, uplifted, and valued in their retirement. 

What Do the Holidays Look Like in Senior Care?

The holidays are a wonderful time of year for assisted living communities; it’s a season in which senior care’s true supportive and community-focused nature is showcased. Communities like Argent Court host holiday parties, events, and activities for residents, family caregivers, and staff members to enjoy together. Popular holiday activities in senior care include watching visiting musicians, baking, making and hanging decorations, or even visiting local light displays or carol singers. With meals and snacks typically included in assisted living care, residents can expect to see a range of delicious holiday-themed dishes like Thanksgiving dinner and gingerbread.

Why Do Seniors Choose to Stay in Assisted Living During the Holidays?

The combination of wonderful onsite holiday activities, 24/7 care, and community spirit makes staying in assisted living during the festive period an attractive option. Many assisted living residents choose to stay at home, having friends and family caregivers visit them for Thanksgiving and other special holiday occasions. By choosing to remain in their community, seniors can make happy family memories in an environment where their needs are supported. And seniors can celebrate with every family member in communities that welcome small pets like Argent Court!

What are the Overall Benefits of Assisted Living? 

A Safe Environment for Daily Living

Combining accessible design with 24/7 practical support, moving to assisted living can drastically improve safety for seniors. For instance, falls are exceptionally common amongst seniors. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one senior suffers a fall every second, and the results can be devastating, resulting in hip fractures, hospitalizations and even death. Thankfully, adaptations like raised toilets, grab bars, and flat thresholds in assisted living can effectively minimize fall risk while making day-to-day life more seamless. Alongside these expertly adapted facilities, assisted living communities have excellent security provisions to help protect seniors from risks like scams and break-ins.

Caregivers Available at all Times

Seniors can access ADL support around the clock at an assisted living level of care. Compassionate and competent onsite caregivers assist residents with activities like bathing, eating, moving around the community, grooming, and getting dressed as and when needed. These highly trained caregivers can offer just the right level of assistance that allows seniors to feel supported, independent, and capable in equal measure. Every senior deserves to maintain a great sense of dignity and autonomy, whatever their care needs. Losing the ability to do once-easy things can take a lot of work. Argent Court’s hand-selected caregivers fully understand this and are committed to providing genuinely empowering, personalized, compassionate care.

Enrichment to Suit Every Personality

A 2023 study by University College London found that participating in a hobby is linked with greater happiness, life satisfaction and fewer depressive symptoms in seniors. Most senior care providers host onsite activities that residents can enjoy without navigating the obstacles of leaving the community. We’re proud of the extensive activities and programs we can offer at Argent Court. Each senior has preferences and hobbies, and we strive to provide something for everyone. For example, some residents love highly social and energetic activities like group walks or coffee socials. In contrast, others prefer quieter and more individual hobbies like pillow-making, baking, or puzzles. Argent Court’s social, creative, and vibrant communities are full of unique personalities. We believe in supporting every resident as the individual they are, allowing their best qualities and talents to flourish.

Convenient Independent Living

Loss of independence is often a key worry for aging adults and family caregivers when considering senior care options. It’s a common myth that moving to assisted living means giving up your freedom and preferred daily routines. In reality, senior care can give retirees even more independence than they had at home; accessible design, tailored care, and onsite social opportunities mean seniors feel equipped to live a life they truly love.  

Arrange a Tour of Our Assisted Living Locations Today

At Argent Court, we understand that every senior’s needs and wishes are unique, so we’re proud to offer four levels of senior care: independent living, assisted living, respite care, and daytime care. To find out which care level best suits you or your loved one, contact us today and schedule a tour to explore our locations in person.

Argent Court is thankful for a community made truly special by our wonderful residents, family caregivers, and staff members this holiday season.