I am always surprised at how many folks make the incorrect assumption that Medicare pays for long term care and specifically assisted living. In my 12 years in this business, I constantly get the question, “How much of the rent does Medicare pay for?” The short answer is none. I want to take this opportunity to explain what Medicare pays for and differences in Medicare and Medicaid.

Medicare pays only for restorative care. In other words, if someone falls and breaks a hip and has surgery and goes for rehabilitation, the surgery and rehabilitation would be an example of “restorative care.” The rehab component is typically done in a stand alone rehab facility or skilled nursing facility.

Medicaid on the other hand is a program for indigent folks. Medicaid pays for custodial care in a nursing home and some assisted living communities. You do have to qualify for Medicaid based on income and acuity

There are some assisted living communities that accept Medicaid but Argent Court is not one of them. If you are interested in seeing if you qualify for Medicaid or any other government program you can click on the following link:


I always tell folks to start looking for a long term care facility BEFORE the need arises as you will be better able to make a decision when the time comes. So many folks wait until they’re in a crisis before looking and don’t always make the best decision.

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