For some of our residents, calling Argent Court home means calling it home for their four-legged and winged family members too. And we love that. As a pet-friendly senior living community, Argent Court has been home to dogs and cats as well as the occasional fish, bird or hamster. As you might assume, owning a pet can be both physically and mentally beneficial for people of any age. For senior citizens, it can have a major impact on health and longevity.

Benefits of Pet Ownership for Seniors

Any pet owner can attest to the joy and benefits of living with and taking care of a furry loved one. While pets can provide companionship and love, research has confirmed the bond between people and their pets helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and improve cardiovascular health by motivating their owners to be more physically active.

Furthermore, research shows in as few as 15 minutes, interacting with a pet helps reduce stress and alleviate feelings of depression and anxiety. And it’s not just us either. Both pets and humans release dopamine, a hormone which aids in stimulating social bonding, relaxation and love. Pets can also add meaning and purpose for a senior who may otherwise be struggling with loneliness.

“Some people are surprised by the fact that we are a pet-friendly establishment, but we wouldn’t have it any other way,” Shasta Adams, Vice President of Argent Court Assisted Living, commented. “We are truly a home to our residents and that includes their four-legged family members too. We encourage our residents to bring their pets with them as they make the move to Argent Court.”

Responsible Pet Ownership

With so many advantages of pet ownership, it’s easy to forget there some challenges to be aware of before moving forward with adoption. You’ll want to make sure the pet is a good fit. Keep these considerations in mind when choosing the right pet.

          • Disabilities or Physical Limitations
            It’s important to consider the activity level and strength of a senior citizen while choosing a furry companion. More than likely, a senior citizen that is active can handle a pet who needs daily physical exercise and play time, but pets like dogs can be challenging for someone with limited mobility. Those with serious medical conditions or have an increased risk for falls may find that a pet with a high energy level more difficult to care for. However, lower maintenance animals like cats or birds can make great companions for seniors of any mobility range.


        • Age of a Pet
          A puppy or kitten requires extensive training and care which may not make them ideal candidates for adoption by seniors. In many cases, older pets are excellent matches for seniors. They are typically already trained, housebroken, obey commands and take less energy to care for in comparison to a young pet. However, it is important consider the health of older pets who may need medication or mobility assistance themselves.

    As you consider your next stage in housing, keep your furry friends in mind. You don’t have to give up the love and companionship you’ve been accustomed to as you move into assisted living. We’re eager to welcome you both home to Argent Court! *

    *Our pet policy leaves pet accommodations and acceptance up to the discretion of the administrators. Typically, as long as a pet does not pose a potential danger to any residents, we welcome all! Please note there is an additional pet deposit of $300.