There’s no denying that the current healthcare crisis has infiltrated every facet of our daily lives, and the world of assisted living is no different. As such, it’s more important than ever to ensure the senior living industry adapts – keeping residents safe, secure, and happy.

We believe that assisted living should strike the perfect balance of hospitality and healthcare. But we also fully understand that in this day and age, innovating new technologies and infrastructure to protect the health of residents is more important than ever before. Let’s look at some of the key features that families are looking for in assisted living communities in TX, and how we can deliver.

A Focus on Health and Infection Control

With the development of the pandemic, infection control has rocketed to the forefront of all our minds. In fact, while hospitality and luxury were once the driving force of assisted living communities, competence in healthcare and a more medically focused approach is beginning to take the lead as seniors are more vulnerable than any other demographic.

Of course, the best assisted living facilities in TX have adapted to current healthcare needs and continue to stay abreast of public health concerns. Argent Court seeks to provide the perfect balance between comfort and luxury, and the top-quality healthcare and infection control needed, protecting the peace of mind of family members and our residents.

An Environment Designed for Safety

Physical safety is paramount to protect the health of senior living residents. Aside from the significant mental and physical impact injury can have on the elderly, reducing the risk of accidents is key in the effort to keep seniors out of the hospital.

Assisted living communities like ours can offer higher staff to resident ratios, which inevitably results in a more personalized, thorough and safety conscious approach to care. With more time to spend with your loved one, we can offer attention to detail like no other. What’s more, our living spaces are carefully designed for the safety of seniors, minimizing the risk of falls and ensuring maximum accessibility to all areas.

Excellent Support with Activities of Daily Living

For many seniors, accepting that they’re struggling to take care of themselves can be a particularly difficult part of the aging process. When it comes to personal care tasks like bathing, toileting, or dressing, accepting additional support may be even more difficult. Our highly trained and naturally compassionate team of professional caregivers understand the struggles seniors face and are committed to delivering the highest standard of dignified ADL support and personal care. We’re here to make your loved one’s life that little bit easier, while always allowing them to retain as much independence as possible.

Great Services and Amenities

Of course, health, safety and quality care are a top priority, but you also want to know your loved one can live a fulfilling life, with access to all the home comforts they love. At Argent Court, our senior residents enjoy a socially vibrant, happy retirement indulging in the activities they love most. This is why alongside our increased focus on infection control, health and safety, we are constantly striving to improve the range of services and amenities available to our valued residents. With delicious, nutritious Chef prepared meals served daily and a range of services available on-site, we aim to provide our residents with the convenient, hassle-free lifestyle they desire.

Recognizing the Value of Independence

Loss of independence and autonomy is a key concern for many seniors who decide to move to assisted living. With this in mind, we believe in empowering our residents to live as independently as possible. Our skilled caregivers and staff members are committed to providing residents with that expert balance of compassionate care and enhanced autonomy. Boasting a range of on-site amenities to suit their needs, flexibility in daily schedules, and a range of groups and activities to choose from, our residents are always encouraged to live life how it suits them best.

Finding the Balance

Without a doubt, the events of recent years have shaped the future of senior living. Going forward, seniors, families and assisted living facilities themselves are increasingly focused on infrastructure and systems that facilitate optimum healthcare and effective infection control. The best communities will adapt with these emerging needs, rising to new challenges as they present themselves.

But although senior living may be shifting towards a more healthcare-focused model, hospitality remains paramount at Argent Court – because seniors deserve somewhere they can call home. A place where they not only feel medically protected, but a place that allows them to enjoy the full and happy retirement they deserve. To learn more about Argent Court and the services we provide, contact us today!