“Friends are relatives you make for yourself.”
~ Eustace Deschamps

Love. Laughter. Friendship. Throughout our lives, the importance of friendships is the key to staying happy and healthy. However, as we build our own families and begin to age, it can grow more difficult to keep up with friends amidst our busy schedules. Unfortunately, many seniors lose touch with the friends they once had when they were younger or begin to slowly drift apart as there just doesn’t seem to enough time to go around. Thankfully, living in an active senior community can actually help people reconnect with old friends and make new friends that share their ideas on life, friendship, and how to have fun during retirement.

And the best part? In a beautiful assisted living community like Argent Court, seniors live close enough so they can see each other on a regular basis and share their lives through the everlasting bonds of friendship. Without a doubt, friendship keeps our residents young both physically and mentally. Why? Let us share with you the Top 7 Reasons why seniors should value the power of friendship.

Friendships Create Activities to Do Together

One of the best things about senior friendships is that they encourage your loved one to try new things and engage in activities that make them happy. For example, meeting someone at an assisted living facility who loves to sew can be helpful for someone who doesn’t know how to sew, but loves to draw. They can teach each other how to do these new activities and bond over the experience. By learning something new, they are also exercising their brains and helping each other stay young and active, while also sharing life stories and a laugh or two!
Even better, learning and sharing new skills is something they can pass on to other friends and seniors, creating tight-knit senior communities that will last for years.

Friendships Keep Seniors Moving

One of the biggest problems that seniors face, especially those who are living alone and don’t have family nearby, is a sedentary lifestyle. A body in motion stays in motion, and a healthy body supports a healthy mind. When seniors move around, walk to visit each other (even if it is just down the hallway), and engage in activities together, they are keeping their bodies and brains primed for life. Actively enjoying your golden years is essential to feeling (and staying) young, healthy, and vibrant.

Friends Can Help Notice Subtle Changes

Time is tough on the body. So, as seniors age, they can start to recede or digress in terms of their mental and physical health. While doctors, nurses, caretakers, and even family members may be around to notice these changes, they often have a large number of people to look after and they may not notice immediately when something is out of the ordinary. However, close friends who see your loved one on a day-to-day basis will be able to almost immediately spot when something just isn’t right. So, when seniors do encounter health struggles, they can be the first line of support for their friends.

At the same time, friends can also notice when your loved one starts facing problems with his or her mental health. For example, depression is a very delicate and critical problem with seniors, and it is important to catch it quickly. Close friends can help spot the telltale signs of depression or even memory loss early, so it doesn’t go undetected.

Friendship Reduces the Impact of Dementia

While friendship cannot halt dementia, unfortunately, it can help to lessen the impact and prevent the worsening, according to some studies. Friendships keep the mind sharp and help people stay connected. Even better, when seniors find friends who are their own age, they are able to talk about things that they care about and compare stories, which keeps specific details fresh in their minds.

Research has also shown that isolation and loneliness can truly expedite the progression of dementia. Simply having a friend can help slow the onset of the disease and prevent it from worsening.

Friends Become Family

Remember in college when your friends were your family? In senior living facilities, that same thing happens. People naturally form little groups to eat meals, play games, and chat about life. These friendships help seniors feel supported and loved.

If you are unable to visit your loved one daily or even weekly (which is often the case for many families), these friends become like family to your mother or father. It isn’t uncommon for family members to form connections with the families of other residents or for residents to form connections with families that aren’t even their own. All this bonding and friendship adds to the feelings of love and support that seniors so dearly need.

Friends Help During the Hard Times

No matter what, aging is difficult. As signs of physical or mental problems begin to creep in, it can be difficult to support your loved one by yourself. But having friends who understand what they are going through is imperative. While we can all sympathize, we don’t always completely understand what someone twenty-five years older than us is really going through. But their friends will, and they will be able to share tips, offer advice, and simply be there when your loved one is going through a difficult time – whether it’s losing their hair, experiencing physical challenges, or needing to take more medication. They can love and support one another.

Some other hard times that friends can help with aren’t necessarily unique to seniors, but are more likely to happen to them. The death of a spouse, a friend, or even a celebrity who has been a part of their life for years can require the support of friends who know what they are going through and are available to talk through their feelings and emotions.

Argent Court Helps Keep Friendships Alive & Nurture New Connections

Senior living facilities and communities help seniors find people who are just like them: they are entering a new phase of their lives and in this new chapter, new friendships are essential. It can be difficult to make friends at any age, but at Argent Court, we make our community a breeding ground for friendship and companionship by offering classes, great programs, group activities, and fostering compassion and caring attitudes between residents. Our focus is always to be supportive, and our friendly staff makes a genuine and sincere effort to get to know your loved one, so we can encourage friendships that will align and support our residents’ mutual needs and interests.

Even if you’re a lucky one who is able to see your loved one every day, it is still vitally important for them to develop meaningful friendships for the future. For where there is friendship, there is love, and both keep us all youthful at heart!

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