The other day I saw a webinar on getting people past, “I’m not ready to move into an assisted living.” One of the reasons they cited people put off the decision is because they cannot handle the thought of having to sort through all their years of stuff. A lady I used to work with now has her own company called, Sort It Out. They actually come in and help folks go through their stuff and help with the transition from their home to a long term care facility. Some of the services they provide are packing, unpacking, locate screen and organize movers, but most importantly they help with downsizing from a regular house to an assisted living apartment.

This service is a dream come true to family members who are either too busy or live out-of-town. It frees up family members from having to use vacation time to devote to the rigors of sorting and moving. I am so excited this type service exists! Not only does it take away yet another excuse for people who want to move but it keeps the family from having to do it.

If you want more information go to their website: