November is traditionally the time of year when we express gratitude for the many blessings in our lives. As we prepare to enjoy the holiday of Thanksgiving, we want to thank caregivers who go above and beyond to support our residents.

Caregivers are those essential people who focus on the well-being and happiness of others through their actions. A caregiver gives of themselves, their time, and their talents. They may be a family member, a doctor, staff at the assisted living facility, and more. They all share the quality of having concern for others and their needs.

Family Caregivers

Family is a crucial part of an older adult’s life. We want to thank the family members who support their senior loved ones at home or in senior living communities in TX. They provide transportation to and sit with their loved ones in medical appointments, advocate for their loved ones with health care professionals, and provide support with daily living activities. Whether it’s assistance paying bills or supporting their loved one who has declining physical or cognitive abilities, their spirit of sacrifice and concern for those in their care is evident and appreciated. Their dedication and self-sacrifice provide a better quality of life and bring joy to senior loved ones.

Professional Community Caregivers

We thank the senior care partners who support our residents. Our senior care partners offer support and assistance and provide excellent continuity of care. We are grateful for the visiting physicians, home health and hospice providers, and the physical, occupational, and speech therapists who provide additional care that our residents need. These professional senior service providers bring valuable knowledge and expertise in aged care and treat residents with dignity, kindness, and respect. Our partnership in care results in an improved quality of life for our residents and enables us to serve them better.

Professional Staff

Additionally, we thank our staff who care for and support our residents daily. Our team works diligently to provide outstanding care and meet resident needs 24/7.  Our staff is frontline caregivers who cared for our residents during the pandemic. They were here to meet the needs of our residents throughout that time, ensuring they received the care and support they needed.

The times have been challenging, yet our team has continued to provide quality, loving care and support for our elderly residents and their ever-changing needs. Our staff has supported our residents through supply chain shortages and other global issues allowing them to maintain the quality of life and comfort they deserve.

Thank You

They say it takes a village; it’s also true that it takes a combination of caregivers to support our elderly residents. It takes a range of professionals and family members to provide the excellent care, and support seniors need to have a great quality of life.

November is the month we celebrate Thanksgiving and are grateful for the many blessings we receive. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who supports Argent Court Assisted Living staff and residents. We appreciate your support and are thankful for you this month and year-round.