Being part of a community, whether it is a senior living community, an assisted living, or a network of trusted family caregivers, is important as your loved one ages. There are many things that can help your loved one, including treatments, daily rituals, and having a supportive, like-minded community around them. This is particularly important when they live in a senior living community or when you cannot visit them regularly. There are many senior living communities that will embrace and support your loved one and if you give them an opportunity to grow, they will be all the better for it, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Community Fights Isolation

Isolation can be terrifying for seniors as they age. Staying socially connected will give them a reason to keep living, fighting, and remaining active. Social engagement can help to keep their mind sharp and active.

As humans, we yearn for camaraderie and companionship with others. But life gets in the way, and it can be difficult for children and grandchildren to form the community our elderly loved ones need – because it would take hours each day. Instead, a community of people around them, whether they are other senior living community residents or staff, can help fight feelings of isolation before they begin creeping in.

Even if you can be present in your loved one’s life on a daily basis, they still need a community of people to help them feel anchored to the world, connected, and cared about. The wider that net can be cast, the better. Being part of a community can help seniors be more active, take up new hobbies, and even embrace a new lease on life.

Community Wards Off Depression

Depression is a horrible disease that impacts far more people than we even know. It is particularly rampant amongst seniors who often see the best years of their lives as being behind them. Being an active part of a community can help your loved one see that just because certain phases of their life may be over, it doesn’t mean their life is over. They still have so much to live for!

Senior living communities help to engage residents, form new hobbies, take them on trips, and simply form connections that will make each day worth living and looking forward to. At Argent Court, we work extremely hard to ensure that every day is a little different, so everyone’s needs are fulfilled. If your loved one finds something new to invest their time in, their depression levels will even out, and unwanted mood swings can be diminished.

Community Can Help with Stress and Anxiety

Many people know that stress can dramatically impact your life, and this is still true for seniors. People who have high levels of stress are more likely to face other health issues, anxiety, and more unwanted symptoms. Senior living communities try to abate stress as much as they can because of its negative impact on heart disease, blood pressure, and more.

One way that community can help to eliminate stress is to provide services that take away from the activities that stress us most: cooking, cleaning, medication consumption, travel, and more. People over a certain age want to simply focus on living their lives, not doing these daily mundane tasks. And as they age, these tasks cause more stress and frustration because they aren’t as easy as they once were – something we can all relate to.

At the same time, community can give the elderly a place to vent and talk through their problems with people who see the world in the same light they do. Companionship is a proven remedy at all ages.

Community Improves Quality of Life

Senior living facilities and other communities put a diligent focus on health, wellness, learning, and overall quality of life. The staff at these amazing communities are people who want only the best for residents, and they work daily to provide a wonderful quality of life for them. With community, it is easier to pinpoint trends that work (and those that don’t) for everyone – helping your loved one stay stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Community Helps with Trouble Spots

Though we hate to admit it, as we age, there are just things that we simply cannot do anymore. Maybe we don’t understand the latest streaming network or how to text on the newest iPhone. But when your loved one is part of a community; they will be able to navigate the world and find solutions for their problems without getting stressed, overly frustrated, or potentially hurting themselves. Regardless of age, most of us are extremely protective of our independence, and we don’t want to ask for help even when we desperately need it. But being surrounded by a supportive community can help knock down those walls and encourage our loved ones to reach out when needed.

A good senior living community will encourage seniors to ask for assistance when they need it. By providing that communal support system, your loved one can actively avoid tasks and activities that prove overly difficult. For example, they may not need to cook for themselves anymore for safety reasons; however, if they enjoy cooking, their senior living facility may provide opportunities for group cooking activities.

At a senior living community, the needs of the many support the needs of the few. There is a continual cycle of new information and data coming into the world and that information is processed and implemented into their care policies and protocols.

Ready to embark upon the next chapter? If you are interested in exploring a senior living community or are trying to build a community for your loved one, please visit us at Argent Court. Our community is truly a family-friendly environment, helping each other to live each day to the fullest and ensuring that the low points are easier to traverse than ever before. We care about our residents and work tirelessly to ensure that their stress levels remain low, their care standards remain high, and they continue to enjoy each new day. Because in the end, that’s what we all truly need!


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