Recently I purchased webcams for each community to facilitate video calls with family members and residents. Today a lady in Seguin had her first video session with her son in Colorado. It was such a poignant moment to see her reaction to seeing not only her son but her grandson. This is a great thing as it enables children to stay in contact with their parents and takes away the guilt of not “being there.” In addition they get to see first hand how their parents look and it is reassuring to the children that their parents are in good hands.

At Argent Court we are committed to making certain we keep families in contact with one another and taking advantage of current technology is just another way of making this happen. If you have a family member living at any of our locations, I would invite you to call and set an appointment with the administrator or activity director to participate in TelePresence via Skype. Witness first hand the excitement in the resident. You’ll be glad you did.