Giving Back to Seniors During the Holidays

For decades, senior family members devote themselves to supporting their children as they grow, build careers and have families of their own. With their endless encouragement and valuable wisdom, they lift us up when we..   More

Showing our Gratitude to Professional and Family Caregivers

In the wake of Thanksgiving celebrations, we’d like to take a moment to give thanks to the incredible caregivers that dedicate themselves to improving the lives of seniors. Both professional assisted living caregivers in TX..   More

What Makes Argent Court Different?

I have often been asked, “What sets Argent Court apart from other assisted livings?”  I think the most important thing that sets us apart is longevity of staff, meaningful activities, and trained and caring staff...   More

The Perfect Caregiver

At Argent Court we strive to find caregivers who embody our vision.  Our Mission Statement is as follows: Argent Court is committed to providing exceptional assisted living that demonstrates our dedication to improving quality of..   More

Licensed versus Unlicensed

I recently came across a news article about elder abuse.  It was a horrible account of abuse in a San Antonio home.  Although the article didn't specifically mention it, I am almost certain it was..   More